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Pothole Repair

What is a Pothole?

A pothole can be a dangerous and expensive problem. They can cause vehicles to lose control and that is why they should be repaired as soon as they form. They can also cause major damage to the area under the car. The asphalt surface is where a pothole forms when it has been damaged by heavy rain, traffic, or other external forces.

One option would be to fill them in with asphalt which has been mixed with hot tar or another sealant, but this is only one option. There are many different ways to fix potholes, and there are guidelines for which methods will work best depending on the type of surface the pothole was formed in and its size among other things.

How is a Pothole repair done?

Pothole repairs are becoming more common, especially in places where the ground is made of softer soil, sand or clay. The first step is to dig out the hole and fill it with gravel. Next, add a layer of hot asphalt on top. This can be done either by spraying it on top or applying it with a shovel. Once this has cooled down and hardened for about one hour, you may drive over the pothole patch if necessary Potholes are becoming more frequent mainly because of climate change and heavy rains that lead to soft dirt ground which become easily eroded after rainstorms due to water eroding the ground’s surface until there is nothing left but potholes in streets, highways and roads that could cause damage to cars such as tires getting damaged from the rough surface or even engine problems due to oil leaking from inside of car engine parts onto pots when driver applies brakes while driving over them Holes can be repaired by first digging out all dirt in area around the hole then adding gravel before putting a layer of hot asphalt on top which will take at least an hour before its safe for vehicles that travel over it

Asphalt patches can help prevent these types of cracks from forming by placing them in areas where these events will take place with heavy frequency such as walkways around buildings, parking lots that have high traffic volume, or other areas where there are large amounts of foot traffic.

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