Asphalt Driveways

Asphalt Driveways

Asphalt Driveways are a popular paving material for Central Coast homes because it is durable and looks great. Unlike many other types of paving, asphalt does not need any kind of sealant to keep water from penetrating the cracks in the surface. This means that an asphalt driveway will not have those unsightly patches that other pavements can develop over time due to erosion and oxidation. The most important thing you need to consider when installing an asphalt driveway is whether or not your roof was built with pitch or flat roofing materials. If your roof has a flat roof, then it will be important to install some sort of kerb along the edges of the driveways so as to stop rainwater from draining off and pooling at your home’s foundation walls.

Benefits of Asphalt Driveways

Asphalt driveways are easy to maintain and they last a long time before they need to be resealed. A properly installed and maintained driveway can add value to your home and compliment the surrounds to lift the appeal of your property. Asphalt driveways are also less expensive than concrete or brick, which is great for homeowners who want to install their own driveway. Asphalt is also flexible, which means it will not crack like concrete does. It’s also safer in the event of an earthquake because it’s more flexible than other materials like rock or concrete.

Asphalt is a cost-effective means of surfacing your driveway, which is perfect for properties that have longer than usual driveways. An asphalt driveway can usually be laid in one or two days, depending on the size of the project. Concrete can take twice as long to lay and longer to set. This is where asphalt has a huge benefit over concrete.

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