Civil Construction Central Coast

Civil Construction Central Coast

Civil Construction Services

Civil Construction Servicing Central Coast, Newcastle, Hunter Valley & mid-North Coast

Whitleah Asphalt offers a wide range of civil construction services for the Central Coast, Hunter Valley, Newcastle and the mid-North Coast.

We are locally owned have a strong commitment to safety and quality and we work hard to maintain the reputation of being reliable, professional and consistently delivering high-quality work.

Our priority on every civil project that we undertake is safety and we strive to complete all projects both on time and within budget with a high level of customer satisfaction.

Sites require different preparations before commencing any asphalt or concrete project. Base work preparation is the most critical step in every project to ensure you have a solid foundation to work from. Basework starts with excavation and also includes removal of trees and existing materials as well as the addition of aggregate.

We ensure a proper drainage which is great for the longevity of your asphalt. As water can soften the subgrade or become absorbed by the asphalt which thereby creates cracks when the temperature drops below the freezing point and resulting in water expansion.

Excavation in civil construction is the process of removing excess soil, rock and other materials from the construction site to ensure a solid foundation for the rest of the project.

Our excavation services include extracting, transferring or adding soil or rock from one site to another.

Profiling or cold milling is the basis for new road profiles. It involves the removal of the damaged road or pavement surfaces to a desired depth using special machines. We use this method of road extraction because it is more efficient and has advantage of being able to recycle all milled materials.

We ensure that all our asphalting jobs are done to the highest standard which includes in-situ stabilisation. In this process we introduce additional materials with the purpose of improving the engineering characteristics. The additional material can either be aggregates or binders.

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